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We are pleased to introduce you to our Learning Management System(LMS)—an exclusive benefit for the clients of People-Centric. Our Learning Management System  is  flexible and easy to use.

 LMS Purpose

The Learning Management System is a learning and assessment tool, which can be used by participants attending PeopleCentric programmes. The platform will allow participants to acquire and assess knowledge prior to attending the workshop.

On the subject of training, the Learning Management System is an extremely helpful tool to assist your facilitator and you during each stage of the training programme. The objective is to facilitate the training process and to optimize the result. In this way depending on your particular module the learning platform will usually cover the following:

  1. before the training — to assess a pre-requirement of knowledge
  2. during the training — to test periodically the knowledge acquisition; to test knowledge; adapted interactive quizzes giving the instant score and result are used to assess the required knowledge. These quizzes are developed by our training solutions team and are based on the client and course requirements.
  3. at the end of the training — to evaluate the knowledge acquisition;
  4. during the periods between two training sessions — to update knowledge in order to maintain the required competence.

Our LMS is dedicated to companies willing to train their personnel in the most optimal way: reduce travel costs, minimize classroom time, but most importantly enhance the results obtained in “traditional training”.


Your user name and temporary password were provided in your initial email invitation. If you can’t find this information, please contact your agent or our Learning Management Center at +971 (50) 685 9246 for assistance. You can start your online course by going to the “YOUR COURSES” section.

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